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About Rep the Rock and Roosevelt Island 10044

The Renwick and Smallpox Hospital ruins on Roosevelt Island, New York City, 10044

As a lifetime (27 years) Roosevelt Islander, I have always tried to act as an ambassador for our often-misunderstood and joked-about sliver of land. Nothing makes me happier than giving an Island newbie a tour of The Rock and explaining the history of the buildings, showing them where fields used to be and explaining the tragedy of the Capri. We live in a wonderful place; people just need to give it a chance.

That said, I have always wanted some form of Roosevelt Island tee shirt to show off my pride, but they are few and far between. The Roosevelt Island Historical Society has a some good ones for sale at their kiosk next to the tram and every once-in-a-while the Thrift Store will have an old PS 217 shirt laying around, but that's about it. Furthermore, this leaves all the folks no longer living on RI or in New York City without any way to "Rep the Rock."

After discussing this lack of easily available Roosevelt Island apparel with fellow Islanders, I came up with the idea for this site. My goal is to provide fun and hip clothing as well as other items so that you can "Rep the Rock" no matter where you live. Additionally, I would love the site to become a fun gathering place for Roosevelt Islanders of all generations to share their memories, their jokes and whatever else you want. I hope this will become a real community site...and I need your help. So please, send over anything you would like to see on the site. Got a new tee shirt design? I would be glad to add it to the available selection. Just head over to the Contact Page and let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!

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