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JUST ADDED: Exclusive photos from the February 11 bus crash outside the hardware/video store

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Welcome to Rep the Rock!
Roosevelt Island, often referred to as "The Rock" by its residents, is a small island located in New York City’s East River between Manhattan and Queens. Rep the Rock, created by a lifelong Islander, is your source for unique, stylish and hip Roosevelt Island tee shirts, hats, mousepads, mugs, calendars, sweatshirts and much more.

Above all else, the items available here are meant to elicit RI pride, as many of us have lived on this little oasis in the middle of the East River for the better part of three decades. So, whether you have a little 10044 pride or just want a souvenir from NYC's hidden island, Rep the Rock is the place for you.

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Roosevelt Island Humor

Top Ten Things Overheard About Roosevelt Island...

10. I didn't know anyone lived there.
9.   Isn't that the prison?
8.   I never met anyone who lived there.
7.   I've never heard of that place?
6.   You mean Randall's Island?
5.   I've lived in NYC all my life and have never been there.
4.   Do you take the tram every day?
3.   How do you get on/off the Island?
2.   People live there?
1.   WHY do you live there?

Top Ten Things Missing on Roosevelt Island...

10. Better governmental representation
9.   A movie theater  
8.   A bridge to Manhattan
7.   A fish market
6.   An ice cream parlor
5.   A shoe repair shop
4.   Wooden playgrounds
3.   A consequence-free environment
2.   A bakery
1.   A BAR!